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Midwest Business Aviation Center

The Diamond DA42 is a twin engine aircraft and uses jet fuel instead of gasoline. The benefits, lower fuel burn, higher speeds, and lower fuel costs.

The Midwest Business Aviation Center provides consulting services for current and prospective aircraft owners as well as providing the source for acquisition of aircraft. Working in conjunction with Lifestyle Aviation, distributor of Diamond aircraft for North America, as a member of the Lifestyle Aviation Network, Midwest Business Aviation Center can acquire the Diamond line of aircraft, including the Diamond DA-62.

Many business owners can use an aircraft in their business but don’t realize the need. Many business owners also think that it is too expensive to have an aircraft to use in their business. Midwest Business Aviation Center will show you how a business aircraft can be of benefit to your business and not break the bank in the process.

Costs of an aircraft can be defrayed in several ways. Leaseback of the aircraft to our flight school will provide the opportunity to pay for the aircraft through lease payments from the school for the use of the aircraft when your business isn’t using it. The Diamond DA-40 works perfectly for this.

The Diamond DA40-NG uses a diesel engine which burns jet fuel. Jet fuel is less expensive per gallon, and the engine is more efficient with less fuel burn per hour. In addition, the DA40-NG comes equipped with the Garmin 1000 navigation system, and factory installed air conditioning.

Another way to reduce the cost of ownership is through the DiamondShare program. DiamondShare allows the buyer of an aircraft to bring additional members into the share of an aircraft. As the owner you decide who will be allowed to join and how many members to have. The DiamondShare program is designed for the DA40. However, similar structured ownership arrangements can be set up by the staff at the Midwest Business Aviation Center.

The Diamond DA-42 is a twin engine variant of the DA-40. Using diesel engines it too burns jet fuel producing economical operation of the aircraft.
The Diamond DA-62 is the flagship of the Diamond Aircraft line at this time. The DA-62 comes equipped with diesel engines, Garmin G1000 panel, digital weather radar, and flight into known icing system using a liquid anti-ice system on the airfoil surfaces and propellers. This aircraft allows 7 passengers to be seated comfortably in the aircraft.

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