Initial Consultation (Is an aircraft right for your business?)

While aircraft for businesses has begun to become common place, there are many issues and concerns to consider. These include what type of aircraft is needed, how to assure that the aircraft is being utilized sufficiently to justify the experience, negotiations with bankers, insurers, and even other business members. More importantly, is an aircraft even a practical need for your business.

Roberts’ Aviation Services provides a free initial consultation to determine your business’ need for an aircraft. If we determine that an aircraft is a potential for your business’ future, then additional work will be contracted to determine the type of aircraft your company will find useful. Roberts’ Aviation Services will continue to work with you and your company in developing your flight department, assist in selecting and securing the aircraft, develop operating procedures, and assist in recruiting and managing the crews to operate the aircraft.

But, Roberts’ Aviation Services doesn’t stop there. We continue to assist with your flight department operations. We will provide annual safety audits, review procedures and protocols, verify compliance with all regulations and insurance requirements, and determine the financial viability of your aviation department. Based on these considerations, Roberts’ Aviation Services will assess the company’s flight department financial and operational effectiveness to assist your business in achieving optimal performance.