Midwest Business Aviation Center

The Midwest Business Aviation Center was founded in 2020. Our goal is to educate businesses in the advantage of using aircraft in their businesses. And assisting businesses in finding the right aircraft and arrangements to make the aircraft to be productive to their business.


Many businesses can use an aircraft in their operations, but many are unaware of their need, and the benefits they can receive using an aircraft.


Once the possibility that a business aircraft is needed is identified, then analysis is necessary to determine the needs of the business, the types of aircraft that will benefit the business, the ownership structure of the aircraft, and consideration of the costs associated with the aircraft. We strive to minimize the costs to the business and attempt to provide an income flow as well.


Based on the analysis, acquisition of the aircraft will begin in earnest. This could be acquiring an aircraft for the business with full ownership, to a shared ownership arrangement, to a pay as you go system on as needed basis.


The level of management needed for an aircraft varies based upon the aircraft acquired and the ownership structure of the aircraft. Generally, the larger the aircraft, the more complex the management needs of the aircraft. Regardless of the needs, Midwest Business Aviation Center stands ready to assist your business in managing your aircraft.