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Midwest Aviation Tax Professionals

Midwest Aviation Tax Professionals

Roberts’ Aviation Services is

Offering tax preparation and tax issue resolution services!!

Through our Midwest Aviation Tax Professionals!!

Yes we prepare tax returns!  Mr. Roberts is a retired IRS Revenue Agent and as such is able to work with the IRS to resolve your tax issues.

We specialize in aviation tax issues, however Mr. Roberts’ experience allows him to tackle other tax issues that you may have with the IRS.

Getting called from the IRS?

Getting letters from the IRS?

Have an examination coming up with the IRS?

Don’t like to talking to the IRS?

Are you facing garnishments?  Do you have IRS liens against your property or bank accounts?

Do you have a large debt and would like to reduce the amount you owe?

You need to contact us today!!

Midwest Aviation Tax Professionals

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