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Simulator Club

Roberts’ Aviation Services, Inc. is organizing a simulator club.  What is a simulator club?

Just like a flying club, members of the simulator club will have access to the simulators that Roberts’ Aviation Services plans to acquire.  Membership privileges include a certain amount of free simulator time each year, equivalent to the hourly rate for the simulators.  As an example, if a member pays $1,000 to join then that member would receive 20 hours of simulator time for free every year.  In addition, members will receive priority booking up to one month in advance, whereas non-members will only be able to book two weeks in advance.

What are the advantages of using a simulator?

A simulator can be used for instrument currency instead of having to use an aircraft.  In addition, a simulator can make time in an aircraft more productive since some of the practice work can be done in the simulator where the cost is lower.  Using scenarios, a pilot can also practice and hone their skills in aeronautical decision making resulting in better decisions and reduction of risks.

And, the simulator can be used in place of an aircraft to practice instrument work as well as visual flight maneuvers.  This allows for lower costs since an hour of simulator time is much less than the cost of renting an aircraft.  And since instrument proficiency can be maintained in simulator, there is no need for a safety pilot or an instructor.

How much does the simulator club cost?

A one time fee of $500, which can be paid over 5 months, provides 10 hours of free simulator time each year and priority scheduling.

A $1,000 fee, again payable over 5 months, will provide 20 hours of free simulator time each year.

A $1,500 fee, still payable over 5 months, will provide 30 hours of free simulator time each year.

The regular rate for the simulator use for non members is $70.00 per hour.  As a member, additional hours above your free hours are billed at $50.00 per hour.  What this means is that even at the lowest membership rate you save $700 with just the 10 hours of free time.  The next membership level you save $1,400 and $2,100 at the highest level.  In other words, your initial investment pays for itself in the first year, and every year thereafter you have money in the bank, and if you exceed your free hours each year, you are still saving $20.00 per hour.

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