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Ground Schools begin August 24, 2020

Roberts’ Aviation Services will begin offering organized ground schools on August 24, 2020. Classes run from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. on dates as noted in the schedule below.

Private Pilot Ground School, starts 8/24/2020, Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. Completion date 10/2/2020

Flight Instructor Ground School begins 8/25/2020, Tuesday and Thursdays. Completion date, 10/2/2020.

Instrument Ground School begins 10/12/2020, Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings. Completion date November 13, 2020.

Commercial Ground School begins 11/23/2020, Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings. Completion date 12/23/2020.

All ground schools will be held in the classrooms of Roberts’ Aviation Services by one of our FAA licensed flight or ground instructors. Class size is limited to 9 students to comply with the social distancing requirements of the CDC and Illinois Department of Public Health. In addition, all participants will be required to wear a mask except for the instructor who has been tested for symptoms of COVID-19 prior to the start of class.

Finally, all classroom facilities are thoroughly cleansed and disinfected at the conclusion of each class.

Tuition includes the class. Books and materials needed for the class are extra and will be available as a kit on the first night of class. Call for more information, 877-727-2808.

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