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Roberts Aviation Services, Inc. prides itself on providing unequaled service to our clients.

The Midwest Professional Aviation Training Center is working diligently in providing a premier aviation training program to meet the demands of the professional aviation community at large, the aviation training needs of the recreational pilot community, as well as providing training for aviation careers such as flight attendant training, aircraft dispatcher initial and refresher certification, and aviation management courses.

The Midwest Business Aviation Center is a one stop source for consultation regarding the aviation needs of your business as well as providing assistance to potential and/or current aircraft owners in acquisition and management of their aircraft. Services include searching for and assistance in the acquisition of aircraft as well as providing assistance in tax issues surrounding the acquisition and use of an aircraft in the client’s business.

Finally, Midwest Aviation Outfitters supplies pilots and aviation interests with the supplies and needs unique to aviation. We carry a ready supply of everything from FAR/AIM manuals to charts and pilot training courses. Our suppliers have anything that a pilot or aviation interest needs, including headsets, radios, aircraft parts, materials for amateur built aircraft, avionics, and wide array of other items.